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Welcome to Durack Dental Practice

Our practice situated in the Western Suburbs of Durack/Inala is a very bright, newly renovated dental practice delivering quality general dental services using modern up to date equipment. Our experienced Dentists are known for their gentle, no stress approach which has made them popular with patients who have previously experienced high levels of anxiety when undergoing dental care. Combined with their skill and expertise in the industry you can be happy that your dental health is in good hands.

Our dentists take your comprehensive oral health seriously, so you will be encouraged to undertake a full oral exam. From this exam the dentist will create a treatment plan and will spend time discussing your treatment options with you.

Service costs:

Initial exam package: $150
(includes comprehensive exam, 2 xrays, scale & clean)

Repeat check up and clean package: $135
(6 monthly check up + scale & clean)

All other treatment quoted on assessment after consultation.

Please keep in mind that dental charges range depending on individual’s oral health and the work required. Any amount quoted for dental treatment given before an oral exam is performed is an estimate only and the dentist will confirm costs after performing an exam.